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GibsonĀ® Gibson Lancer GA-35 - Vintage

A classic Gibson amp from the mid '60s, this has just been serviced and given a three-prong plug, otherwise this is original with the exception of the knobs on the faceplate and the fact that the back panel is missing. The tube complement comprises an OA2 - voltage regulator, two 6V6 power tubes, and for the preamp and tremolo: a 12AX7, two 6EU7s and a 12AU7, all driving a 12" CTS speaker.

As is to be expected from a GA series model, this is a clean amp. At full volume it has a very light crunchy edge to the sound but it doesn't get dirly unless you hit it with a clean boost. The tremolo and reverb are typically un-Fendery - the reverb is lush with a metallic edge and the tremolo is full but not as throbby as a vintage Fender. Nominally, the '35' could indicate a 35 watt amp but this is more like 15 watts. There is nothing pretty about this amp and the sound has been described as brutish. But not because there is anything bad here, just that there is nothing that is going to cover up weaknesses in your playing; the guitar tone is sharply exposed. But if you want to hear what your instrument really sounds like then this might be for you.

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